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Abdelgadir Abdalla the secretriat general of the national assembly

Name: Abdelgadir Abdalla
Place and date of birth: Omdurman, Sudan 1950
Marital Status: Married and have two sons and two daughters
Education: B.Sc. Economic and Political Science, University of Khartoum, April 1973
Languages: Arabic, English, French (reading and speaking)
Training: attended short courses on Time Management and Project Implementation, Sudan Academy of Administrative Sciences

Technical Skills and Expertise: Good computer knowledge

Work Experiences:

1973-1978 Inspector at the department of Taxation, Ministry of Finance and National Economy
1978-1980 Assistant Secretary of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the National Assembly
1980-1985 Administrative Secretary of the Sudan National Group
1986 Secretary at the Political Committee of the Transitional Military Council, then secretary at the National Elections Commission
1987-1989 Secretary of the Foreign Affairs Committee and Administrative Secretary of the Sudan National Group of the Constituent Assembly
1989-1990 Secretary at the Political Committee, Department of Peace and Foreign Relations of the National Salvation Revolution Command Council
1991-1992 Director of the Executive Office of the Petroleum Production and Utilization Project

1992-1999 - Administrative Secretary of the Sudan National Group Transitional National Assembly in charge of administering membership of Sudan Parliament in international and regional parliamentary organizations, responsibilities included:

 maintaining regular contacts with these parliamentary unions,
 performing the duties of preparatory work necessary for participation in parliamentary conferences i.e. preparing and revising memoranda and working papers, drafting of resolutions, speeches and statements of speakers in conferences,
 drafting reports of participation of the delegations to be presented to the Parliament,
 sending resolutions and recommendations adopted by parliamentary conferences to relevant executive organs,
 taking charge of conducting bilateral relations with parliaments.
- Director of the Office of the Speaker of the Transitional National Assembly
- Assistant of the Secretary General, Department of Parliamentary Affairs
- Officer in charge of the Training Programme of Parliamentary Staff of State Legislatures
- Assistant of the Secretary General, Parliamentary Body Affairs
1999-2002 Advisor and Board Secretary of Al-Sharqyia Investment Holding Company, Muscat, Oman
2003-2011 Secretary General of the African Parliamentary Union, based in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire, responsibilities included