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Amid Heavy Presence of Legislative and Executive Organs and Sufi Orders: NA Information Committee Inaugurates the Allah’s Chosen People Initiative

Date :2014-03-10

The National Assembly Committee on Social Affairs has inaugurated, under the chairmanship of Ustaz Hassab Allah, the Allah’s Chosen People Initiative, in cooperation with the Ministry of Guidance and Endowments. The attendees included the National Assembly Speaker, Assistant to the President Abdulrahman al-Sadiq, the Ministers of Guidance and Endowments & social Welfare, Secretary-General of Zakat Chamber and General Coordinator of National Military Service as well as the Leader of Islamic Movement Dr. Hassan al-Turabi. The celebration was honoured by heavy presence of leaders of Sudanese Sufi orders.


Parliament to Hold a Workshop on a Draft Bill for Press and Printing

Date :2014-03-06

Speaker of the National Assembly Dr. Al-Fatih Izz Al-Deen has valued the role of the press on the fundamental issues, saying that freedom has a limitation but the freedom of expression is commendable adding that the said freedom has a maximum limit, and that it represents guidance for the human behavior. This came in his speech on the workshop held by the Culture, Information, youths and Sports Committee at the National Assembly today in coordination with Colleges of Information in Sudan Universities, Omdurman Islamic University and Medical Science School, regarding the Press and Printing Bill for (2012)


Speaker of the Parliament to Praise Sudanese Ethiopian Relations

Date :2014-03-05

Speaker of the National Assembly Dr. Alfateh Izz- Aldeen has discussed the Sudanese Ethiopian relation praising the status of the two countries bilateral relation. This came during his meeting with sayed kafa Tukli Burhan Speaker of the Ethiopian Federal Assembly, who assured the two countries common history, pointing to the necessirty to push forward the two countries relation in all fields affirming the importance of exchanging point of views within the context of federal governance and to exert additional efforts to promote the aforementioned system in order to realize the happiness of the two countries.


Foreign Affairs Committee to meet Italian Ambassador in Sudan

Date :2014-03-05

Chairperson of the Foreign Affairs Committee at the National Assembly Ustaz/ Mohammed Yousif Abd-Allah has discussed Sudan relation with Italy and the Means to promote the said relation. This came during his meeting today at the National Assembly the Italian Ambassador Amando Baroko. They discussed the fields of tourism, trade and investments between the two countries. The chairperson of the Committee praised the Italian stance vis-a,-vis Sudan Issues calling for enhancing the status through the Parliamentary efforts of the two countries


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